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Whatever Happened to Jacy Farrow?
"Ceil has written a lively, vivid, and evocative book about how it was to be a young woman within the era and the aura of The Last Picture Show. It will resonate strongly with many readers who were young in that time."
--Larry McMurtry

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The Bluebook Solution
"A witty, wicked look inside the red brick buildings and beneath the hooded gowns of a university campus. The author, an astonishingly observant academic insider, lifts the curtain on vice, venality, sex -- and grisly murder. I recognize the place, roar with delight, revel in the engrossing goings-on, and am glad I'm retired."
--John D. Maguire, President Emeritus, Claremont University Consortium and Graduate University

Selected Works

Whatever Happened to Jacy Farrow?
A girl's life in Texas in the era described fictionally from the boys' pov by Larry McMurtry in The Last Picture Show.
Suspense Novel
The Bluebook Solution
Charm Hope, student sleuth, tracks down the killer of her university president.

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