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Look for upcoming books: Against the Setting Sun, a novel, family saga, set in Texas. An elderly man is kidnapped by a sociopath; suspenseful tracking of the culprit by his family.

Look for: The Bonus Years: Changing Jobs in Mid-Life or After Retiring. To people of the baby boomer generation, retirement comes too early. Suggestions for what to do after that, and the stories of people who have made changes.

Look for: Better Punctuation in 30 Minutes a Day, 2nd edition, hardcover, Career Press/Barnes & Noble Press.

Selected Works

Whatever Happened to Jacy Farrow?
A girl's life in Texas in the era described fictionally from the boys' pov by Larry McMurtry in The Last Picture Show.
Suspense Novel
The Bluebook Solution
Charm Hope, student sleuth, tracks down the killer of her university president.

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